Friday, August 14, 2015

Must not mention that people starved in concentration camps (?)

A logical comment was not "sensitive"

IT WAS the live-to-air comment that left Karl Stefanovic and Today show viewers gobsmacked.  Now, a prominent group has called for an apology for the “shockingly insensitive” remark.

The breakfast show’s go-to medical commentator Dr Ric Gordon took things way too far this morning with a strange comment during a segment about Australia’s weight problem. He said Australians needed to eat less food, just like people in concentration camps.

“As something controversial — there were no overweight people in the concentration camps. Now, they weren’t exercising a lot, they just weren’t eating,” Dr Gordon said.  “Now I’m not going any further with that except to say what you put in your mouth ends up on your hips,” he said.

The chairman of Jewish group the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission said this afternoon that he was “outraged and alarmed” by the comments.

“It’s clear that we have reached a new low in the abuse and perversion of the Holocaust,” Dr Dvir Abramovich said in a statement to

“To employ the unspeakable tragedy of the death camps, where more than 1.5 million people starved to death and were tortured and murdered in the gas chambers, as a way to bring attention to the importance of weight loss, trivialises and debases the memory of the Holocaust and diminishes the evil deeds of the Nazis.



Bird of Paradise said...

People starve under a dictator Joe Stalin did it

Anonymous said...

Concentration camps were not just connected with the Holocaust.
They pre and post date WWII.
No one said 'Nazi concentration camps' or Jewish concentration camps - they just said 'concentration camps'.
Could have been Boer concentration camps or North Korean political concentration camps. Lots of starvation in them.
This is not a Jewish or a holocaust issue.

Anonymous said...

The perpetually offended rise to the top once again. I totally agree with 5:55pm. When it came to concentration camps I think the Russians beat the Germans hands down with number but the Germans win on inhumanity. To focus on one single event is to do a disservice to all others who suffered terribly in state sponsored genocide.

Anonymous said...

Even the internment camps in the US for ethnic Japanese during WWII were technically concentration camps, but it didn't involve starvation, whether or not anyone remained overweight.