Monday, August 17, 2015

Must not boast about overtime

A Missouri police officer is being investigated after bragging about spending his 'annual Michael Brown bonus' on Facebook.

Todd J Bakula, a patrolman with St Louis County police, was believed to be boasting about overtime pay he was given for policing protests in Ferguson on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death.

In the post, under the alias of TJ Thekoola, Bakula says he is spending the money on a bed and breakfast holiday and cycle ride with his 18-weeks pregnant wife, Stephanie Bakula.

Images posted online by CopBlock show Bakula posing with his wife and fellow officers while wearing a polo shirt with a police badge emblazoned on it.

A state of emergency was declared in Ferguson last week as demonstrators took to the streets while one teenager was shot dead by police.

Tyrone Harris, 18, a friend of Brown's, was killed by police after reportedly opening fire on officers, while CCTV showed him pulling a handgun from his waistband shortly before he died.

His death caused a week-long state of emergency to be imposed, and hundreds of police officers were drafted in to enforce it, with many working overtime.



Anonymous said...

So, it is OK to protest in Michael Brown's name, But bad for a cop to use the name.

Bird of Paradise said...

Wait for the Micheal Brown Holiday to be proclaimed by liberal twats

Anonymous said...

It interesting that they focus on a policeman's post rather than the posts of looting criminals letting their ilk know there were possible spoils awaiting in Ferguson.


Alpha Skua said...

Just like in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina the then maror Ray Nagin and former police chief orered all the privatly owned guns confiscated so looters ran amuck the NRA brought a suit against them and they refused to return the guns till after the guns had been kept ina trailor and were all ruined Now at least that Nagin scumball is in prison