Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Conservatives must not oppose obesity

4Chan, the Internet lovechild of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, has a history of playing pranks (some funny, others not) and trolling people, but the site and its users really outdid themselves this week. 4Chan and Reddit users reportedly launched a new body-shaming campaign called Project Harpoon that wonders: "If the Tumblr fat acceptance/feminists make a big deal over photoshopping video game characters to make them look fatter than what they are, why don't we photoshop their own photos to make them thinner, more attractive, and, well, normal?" The stunt uses the hashtags #ThInnerBeauty and #SkinnyAcceptance (and a newly-created website at thinnerbeauty.org) to spread images of women photoshopped into skinner silhouettes

Let me first say that while I do not want to give 4Chan's Project Whatever-the-fuck any more attention, as a writer of the Internet — specifically a writer for a women's magazine on the Internet — I feel that it is my responsibility to take a few moments to check in with my fellow #Ladies and let them know that they have every right to be pissed off by the group's new body-shaming campaign.

It's not as if photoshopping women to unrealistic standards is anything new; sometimes ads get so overzealous that they erase entire limbs, turning women into paraplegic alien lifeforms. But the so-called campaign is particularly heinous because it targets everyday citizens without their permission, and because it is an attempt to get back at those who have pointed out that female video game characters have unrealistic body types. Worst of all, it does this under the guise of being body positive. In one post, Project Harpoon wrote, "We aren't here to mock or ridicule overweight individuals. We are here to help them overcome their problems. We love them and we want them to know they can love themselves, too!"


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