Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UK: Must not show that meat comes from dead animals

For more than 100 years, butchers in the market town of Sudbury have proudly displayed their meats in their shop windows.  But now one has been forced to stop hanging game such as pheasants, partridges and rabbits in his shopfront after a vicious campaign, blamed on ‘townies’ who have recently moved in. 

Staff at JBS Family Butchers, which has sawdust on the floor and takes great pride in its link to local suppliers and the countryside way of life, spent hours every week perfecting their window displays featuring meat and game.  Unplucked birds and the occasional pig or deer head were hung up in its shopfront in a small precinct in the Suffolk town. 

But it has reluctantly had to remove the display after it became the target of a campaign including anonymous hate mail and people hurling abuse in the shop."



Anonymous said...

those people must really hate cruel nature, millions upon millions of animals dying daily because of survival of the fittest rule.

Anonymous said...

Isn't food mysteriously produced in factories?

Anonymous said...

"...became the target of a campaign including anonymous hate mail and people hurling abuse in the shop."

Wait, isn't this illegal in the UK?

Anonymous said...

"Isn't food mysteriously produced in factories?"

Yes. Solent Green.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, rabid vegetarians trying to force their diet on everyone else.

Dean said...

Anon 7:27 - Nope. Just out-of-staters who move in and expect everything to be as it was where they came from.

There have been quite a few out-of-staters move here and have difficulty adjusting to the absence of amenities present in their old digs.

Most are good about accepting local culture and adjust to it well, but a few have made a stink about things. The latter generally don't stay long and aren't sorely missed when they leave.

A few of the more humorous statements / gripes:

"You don't have live theater or ballet here."
(Our entire county has about 12,000 people and 4,350 sq. miles. The local high school drama club and Shakespeare in the Park from the U of M is about all we get).

"Why are you shoveling your walk. It's only a couple inches. That'll be gone by this afternoon.
(Possibly. On the other hand I've seen snow fall in November and still be on the ground in March. By then it's under another couple feet of snow. Definitely isn't happening this year though).

"Keep your cattle away from our fence. They stink."
(We know. Why did you build next to a cattle ranch? And, no, they'll stay here until it's time to move them to another pasture.)

From my daughter-in-law who had some learning to do: "We can go hiking up there. That rancher has lots of land. He won't mind."
(She was mortified when I drove up to the house and asked permission to hike on his land.)

My favorite, by a co-worker from L.A. - "You Montanans and your d##n roads. Water gets on them and makes my car jerk around!"
(Slow down. Don't drive though the puddles. He stayed a couple years and went back where there is no water on the road.)

Anonymous said...

Extend the expectations of the out of towners and then you start to approach the expectations of muslims to reshape your country environment in there image.

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Fiona Glenanne: "Shall we shoot them?"