Friday, February 28, 2014

'Sexist' Cup shirts withdrawn after Brazil complaint

Following a complaint by the state tourist board, official [football world] cup sponsor Adidas withdrew the shirts, which had gone on sale in the United States.

One of the designs depicts a heart completing the phrase "I love Brazil" but curved to suggest a tanga-clad female backside.

Another had a picture postcard view of Rio's Sugarloaf Mountain and a woman in a bikini holding a football with the double entendre strapline: "Lookin' to score."

State tourism body Embratur said it "strongly repudiates the commercialization of products linking Brazil's image with sex" and had contacted Adidas to demand the shirts be withdrawn.

Brazil's minister of state for women, Eleonora Menicucci, also complained of a "lack of respect towards our country."


Are they going to ban the Rio carnival too?  It's a lot more salacious than a shirt.


Stan B said...

When I hear "Brazil" I think "Rio" and the debauchery of Carnival! These t-shirts seem VERY tame compared to the half-naked dancing in the streets....

Anonymous said...

Those shirts would seem very tame compared to what one would see on a beach in Rio after attending a soccer match!

stinky said...

So just use actual pics of the actual carnival. Enjoy it while it lasts cuz the "that's not funny" school of feminism is being heavily exported worldwide.

The woman who complained: