Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Comment spam

I rarely get time to look at the comments which Google throws into the spam box but on looking just now I noticed that there were some legit comments there that had been wrongly classified.  I released those I saw but there were over 2,000 comments in the box so I could only scratch the surface.

I released a lot by "Bird of Paradise"

It would help me to pick up legit comments if you used a handle rather than commenting  anonymously.  The spam always seems to be "Anon."


Use the Name, Luke said...

The spam and trolling always seems to be "Anon."

There, fixed it for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

There, I just broke it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Luke, even your own name has been "borrowed" in the past, whether or not by spammers or jokers, so it doesn't really help!

stinky said...


A hash string might also help. That's where the user info (e.g. i.p addr and/or browser footprint) is used to generate a random looking string of characters. Thus, my random string might be something like "aj4sd5r". It would be displayed w/my comments.

This would enable us, as users, to distinguish one anon commenter from another, but w/out compromising that person's identity. It also makes impersonation all but impossible.

A site that uses such a hash string in its comment section is

In the meantime, I encourage all others to use a handle. Mine is already taken, of course, so the supply of desirable handles is ... undiminished!