Thursday, February 06, 2014

Must not joke about unisex bathrooms

The leader of the Utah Senate and another state lawmaker are apologizing Monday after tweets sent from their accounts that morning were criticized as homophobic and insensitive.

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser says an intern whose job includes tweeting on the senator's behalf used the platform to direct jibes at Lehi Republican Rep. Jake Anderegg.

Anderegg earlier on Twitter joked he considered switching his gender identity in order to use an unoccupied women's restroom. The tweet referred to another lawmaker's proposal that would bar transgender students from using the bathroom they prefer but would require schools to make another restroom available should the student's family request it.

Both lawmakers apologized Monday after criticism from LGBT rights advocates and others. Anderegg in a tweet called his prior comments "totally inappropriate."



stinky said...

When we gotta go badly enough, all our voices sing soprano.

Anonymous said...

Bathroom humor is puerile.

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap

Anonymous said...

It will stop being a joke the first time some libs feminist has an encounter with a guy looking at them in the john (or is it jane or what ever). Than it becomes a lib lawsuit they caused.