Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Must not mention disease among Africans in Israel

Back in May of 2012, neurologist Prof. Rafi Carasso was a guest on a morning show, where he went out of his way to warn against the health hazards posed by African illegals staying in Israel. Mind you, Carasso is no right winger—he went out of his way to explain that the fact that the high percentage of illegal Sudanese and Eritreans infected with tuberculosis, AIDS and Hepatitis B is not their fault.

Nevertheless, he warned that when these illegal workers wash dishes and cook food in restaurants, the public health risks are enormous.

Prof. Carasso also mentioned a frightening phenomenon whereby a full 50% of patients testing positive for AIDS are Sudanese, and that once they’re tested, they disappear from the clinic and cannot be traced.

So far, this has been a story about a dedicated Israeli medical professional, sounding the alarm about the very serious health risks stemming from the illegal African population in Israel.

It’s obvious that the good professor’s PC friends and had been assaulting him for daring to suggest a connection between third world Africans and health risks colleagues (most notably “Doctors for Human Rights,” which accused him of “contributing dangerously to the hate and violence speech that’s already out there”).

How dare he spread vile accusations against this helpless population, and so on, you know the drill.



Anonymous said...

France has a similar problem but the government keeps it out of the papers.


Anonymous said...

PC-ism is as dangerous to health as it is to security and "truth" in general.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like PC, buy a Mac or iPad.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 2:35 AM had a few drinkies before making that feeble joke about a serious subject.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Relax 3:43. Dark humor (even feeble humor like 2:35's) is a normal, valid method of making horrific situations psychologically manageable.

Anonymous said...

"serious subject."

LOL. That's a good one. You think that this site is serious? Get a life, moron.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone let Luke out of his parents' basement again.