Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Homosexuals as the new gods

Apparently, all new Chevy ads must include at least one gay couple.

And if that bothers you, you’re a homophobe bigot whose religion denied women the vote and backed slavery. And any number of Facebook Crusaders are lurking about waiting to tell you that.

The new orthodoxy is on the march and if you don’t clap loud enough you will be handled like a North Korean uncle.

The new test of social acceptance in America is how enthusiastically you embrace all things gay. First it was sitcoms, now it’s Chevys, and while anchors gravely wonder if coming out as gay will hurt a young football player’s draft prospects, we all know it will help him, and will make him a lot of money.

Homosexuals have gone from persecuted to protected to privileged, and the swinging pendulum has just smashed conservative Christians right in the face. And while we watch an Olympics hosted by a country that functionally denies freedom of the press, religion, speech and assembly – to say nothing of free and fair elections – our outrage is exclusively limited to restrictions on homosexuals.

And even in our upset with the Russians at their anti-gay laws we are illogical. While Russia is certainly not polite to its gay citizens, it’s nothing like the 80-some nations around the Muslim and African world where homosexuality is totally illegal and sometimes punishable by death.

We bash Russia for its laws, and funnel untold U.S. government aid to dozens of nations that are dramatically worse.

It’s illogical.

Just like the belief that you can sell more cars by offending the social and religious sensibilities of almost half of Americans. With gay marriage legalized by courts and voters in 17 states – and specifically forbidden by voters in 29 states – the notion that it is mainstream enough to be embraced in an advertisement for a mass-appeal product like an automobile is insane.



Anonymous said...

Correction: It will not be all Chevy ads, just those aimed at younger/liberal consumers. Ads for the more conservative vehicles and trucks will not have same sex couples in them because that would not sit with the target group. Sales is now all about who you are trying to sell to and the small supposedly more ecofriendly vehicles target groups have large demographics of gays and liberals (who believe gays have special rights). This is similar to the Coke ad during the super bowl which was targeted at an American loving audience outside the USA (who watch the game) and the younger/liberal audience in the USA. There is huge very expensive research done on these sales tools with lots of focus groups and U-Tube research.


Anonymous said...

Advertizing doesn't care about fairness or social justice, just what appeals to its target group. Just like politicians, it will pander to bigots if it pays off or then denounce them if that also pays off.