Friday, February 28, 2014

The joke got man banned for life from Hilton Hotel

WHEN Jason Payne returned home after his one-night stay at the Hilton in Basingstoke, UK, he was surprised to receive an email from the hotel informing him that he had been banned for life. It was all because of a rather inappropriate comment he’d made on the hotel’s online booking form three days prior to his February 8 stay at the hotel.

Mr Payne, 35, wrote under the additional comments and requests section on the form: “There’s a large snake in my trousers. Hope that’s OK.”

He claims he never expected the staff to actually read his joke, and was quite surprised when the receptionist at the hotel started laughing when he checked in. He claims the staff members didn’t seem bothered by it at all.

But in her email to Mr Payne after his stay, the hotel’s front office manager informed him that “we are not willing to accept that our team members are ever put into an uncomfortable situation, due to the abusive language a guest uses talking to them, writing to them or even on the booking form they fill in online”.


Sounds like the manager concerned is some dried-out old prune


Anonymous said...

Have yo slapped yo bitch today?

stinky said...

I guess Mae West would be banned, too.

Anonymous said...

Remember not to joke with staff at the Hilton, I guess. What a horrid and uncomfortable place to stay.

Jerry Doctor said...

The joke was, in my opinion, of questionable taste. However, if bad taste is grounds for being banned from the Hilton, does that mean their interior decorators are being banned too?