Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More black racism

Glover, author of racial fantasies

Partisan political comments by Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day banquet in Dickson prompted a walkout by state Sen. Jim Summerville, who described a portion of her remarks as “racist” and “drivel.”

Glover was the keynote speaker at the Freedom Fund Banquet hosted by the Dickson County NAACP. Her wide-ranging remarks focused on the importance of education and its role in the “pursuit of justice in our democracy.”

She said there are many challenges ahead for African-Americans, among them high poverty, illiteracy and crime rates.

“Why do we need education? Because we pursue justice. We’re dealing with a selfish government and a cruel electorate,” Glover said. “One that’s not only yelling disrespect for our nation’s president, but has shown its downright disregard, disrespect and absolute disdain for our president, and has made his skin color the No. 1 judging criteria. God will never forgive America and neither should we.”

At that point, Summerville said, he got up and left. In an interview Monday night, he described that portion of Glover’s speech as racist.

“It is false. It is wrong. It is bigoted. It is racist. I won’t stand for it,” he said. “I don’t have to listen to such drivel.”



Anonymous said...

The left does not believe that it is racist to call or accuse others of racism as intellectually bankrupt as that position is. No one could dislike/hate/disagree with the great zero because he is a pompous narcissistic socialist; it has to be because of his skin color.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Glover and Obama managed to rise to such high positions in such a racist state and country. Answer White guilt. Elevated far beyond their ability to perform via affirmative action, code word for racist quotas, and shielded from criticism by the mighty race card.

Kudos to Senator Summerville for showing the proper contempt for the usual "woe is me" black drivel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's because he's black.........

Couldn't possibly be:

Fast and furious..
IRS scandal
NSA spying on reporters
NSA spying on allies
NSA spying on every American
Failed foreign policy
Unemployment same as when he took office
Blowing $1 Trillion with nothing to show for it
Ballooning Debt and Deficit
Lying about Obamacare
Lying about transparency
Lying about lobbyist

Well, I could go on but, why?

It's all because he's black..

stinky said...

Conditioned guilt is pretty much all the Left has these days, and - drip, drip, drip - it's draining away. Not in time to save the country, but perhaps in time to save its people.