Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Did Facebook Block Christian Movie?

Attempts to block conservative and Christian messages are getting really chronic

It's something of a social networking mystery. Why did Facebook block Kirk Cameron's upcoming faith-based movie, "Unstoppable"?

Cameron announced on his fan page Thursday that Facebook had blocked fans from posting any links to the website promoting his film because the content was labeled "abusive and unsafe."

"We have been officially shut down by Facebook and unable to get any response from them," Cameron wrote on his personal Facebook fan page.

After Cameron alerted more than 500,000 Facebook fans of his predicament, the social networking site removed the block - without any explanation.

"Unstoppable," which is expected in theaters in the fall, aims to answer questions about suffering and recounts the personal experience of a Cameron friend whose son battled cancer.

The film's website does not contain any graphic photographs, video or profanity.  However, Cameron said he received a message from Facebook telling him the website's content was labeled as "abuse" and "unsafe."

Cameron told Fox News he learned of the block several days ago when he tried to post a link to his website and Facebook denied the request. Thinking it was a mistake, he tried it again.

"My web technician along with Sony Provident Films were trying as well on their Facebook pages but nobody could post the website address for my film," he said.

Cameron said they tried calling Facebook to find out why their content had been banned - but no one returned their calls. As a measure of last resort, he alerted more than 500,000 fans on his personal Facebook page.


My guess is that to some people Cameron is known for only one thing:  He once criticized homosexuality.  That is now the unforgiveable sin and the sinner is automatically cast out from polite society.  Cameron's movie was judged by who he is, not what it is.


Use the Name, Luke said...

The left is attempting to do the exact same thing to Orson Scott Card's movie, Ender's Game.

The left's new definition of tolerance: "If you disagree with us, we will destroy your life."

Anonymous said...

Once again, we see zero tolerance from radical gay activists, those who (demand) complete and total tolerance from everyone.

Anonymous said...

fags are living up to their reputation as evil people

Anonymous said...

6:21am , no doubt. Nazis were full of them despite what people have been told.

Anonymous said...

Luke - I agree completely.
Personal attacks for adopting a non-PC approach are becoming all too common and some of these people have very good memories and a penchant for vengeance.

Anonymous said...

I am gay, and a big fan of Kurt Cameron. I am not s supporter of the gay political agenda and I think gay marriage is a farce and against the word of God. I go to church daily and have never had sex. So do not judge all gays with the ignorant ones that play games.

Anonymous said...

11:50 PM has been psychologically castrated by religious bigotry. Very sad case indeed!