Friday, July 26, 2013

Adult student censured for being 'Hot for teacher'

A university student suspended for writing an essay called "Hot for Teacher" has no First Amendment right to express his sexual attraction to his instructor, a judge said.

Joseph Corlett's lawsuit was dismissed by US District Judge Patrick Duggan, who ruled in favour of Oakland University in suburban Detroit.

When Corlett referred to his teacher as "'stacked' and graphically compared her to a sitcom character he fetishised in a writing assignment, he brought a pig into the parlor," Judge Duggan said.

"Such expressions, while possibly appropriate in some settings, need not be tolerated by university officials," the Judge said.

Corlett, 57, was suspended in 2012 after writing about his writing instructor. He compared her to the sexy starlet Ginger from the 1960s TV series, Gilligan's Island and described her as "tall, blonde, stacked," among other things.

"Kee-Rist, I'll never learn a thing. … I'll search for something unattractive about her. No luck yet," Corlett wrote.

He titled his essay Hot for Teacher, the name of a Van Halen song. Corlett said students in the English 380 class were told to write honestly and that no topic was off limits.


I think the judge in the matter pulled his verdict out of his ass. Where in the 1st amendment did he find that the student had "no  right to express his sexual attraction"?


Anonymous said...

I think workplace sexual harassment falls outside the boundaries of the First Amendment for these purposes.
He is perfectly free to write this stuff - the lecturer is not obliged to read and assess this type of material.
Perhaps not grading the essay or handing it to another lecturer might have been a better approach.
However, by saying no topic was off-limits they did open Pandora's box on the assignment.

Liz said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. The guy was a disrespectful dumba##. The 1st amendment protects people from being punished by the government for the content of their speech. It does not protect them from societal/professional/academic consequences of what they say. 1st amendment protections are claimed by every moron who thinks they can walk up to any one, any time and say any thing they want and it is unconstitutional for any one to do any thing about it. Sorry! That isn't the way it works!! If you walk up to your boss and tell him to go *bleep* himself, you will get fired. If you tell your girlfriend she is a fata**, you will get dumped. If you turn in a masturbatory fantasy with your instructor as a writing assignment, you are too stupid to be going to college anyway.