Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Femen Icon Sparks Twitter Outrage

Only two days after Femen movement leader Inna Shevchenko was chosen as one of the inspirations for France's new official stamp, the controversial Ukrainian activist, known for her topless protests has sparked an outcry on Twitter for a July 9 tweet where she slams the holy month of Ramadan and Islam.

On July 9, Shevchenko tweeted: "What can be more stupid than Ramadan? What can be more uglier than this religion?"

On July 16, as Shevchenko was being subjected to an onslaught of criticism from the Twitter community, the inflammatory tweet was deleted -- "by Mohamed or by mistake, that is the same," she joked on her Twitter account.

Pascal Boniface, director of the Institute of International Relations and Strategies, a French Think Tank, called the Femen's tweet racist and hypocritical.


Islam is not a race.  French Think Tanks apparently not good at thinking.


Use the Name, Luke said...

I had never heard of this woman or organization, so I looked them up. What a tasteful, rational, class act. NOT!

What will France's next national stamp be? A guillotine?

Anonymous said...

She is telling the truth about the satanic blood cult.

Anonymous said...

"What can be more stupid than Ramadan? What can be more uglier than this religion?..."

A stamp? For that kind of courage and honesty, they should build a shrine to her.

Anonymous said...

@Luke, Until she deleted it at least she was one of the very few feminazis that was willing to stand up to the child raping murdering slave selling acid throwing bastards that is Islam. The rest of the feminazis see Islam as an ally to destroy western capitalism.