Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mountain Dew Airs rather silly but allegedly Racist, Insensitive Ad

Mountain Dew has a bit of a publicity disaster on its hands after a highly controversial ad for the soft drink hit the internet this week. Many people are calling the commercial one of the most blatantly racist and insensitive commercials ever.

Mountain Dew, which is a PepsiCo. brand, hired hiphop star Tyler, The Creator to come up with an advertising idea for their campaign. The rapper is known for his off beat, highly provovative style, and it should come as no surprise that his foray into advertising would follow suit.

The commercial portrays a battered woman attempting to identify her assaulter (presumably her boyfriend) out of a lineup of stereotypically thuggish black men. A goat is in the middle of the lineup, and is threatening the woman not to snitch on him.

Some critics have already stepped forward to chastise the company for its blatant disregard for sensitive issues. Among other topics, the ad seems to make light over the serious issues of domestic abuse and racially biased incrimination.



Anonymous said...

I've seen the commercials on YouTube.
They strike me most as utterly stupid, having very little to do with the product.
Forget racism... it's just bad advertising.

Anonymous said...

I think almost all television advertising is totally stupid.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with both of the above comments.

Today, we are used to seeing people "offended" by things like this ad, and just about everything else. In most cases it's simply a prelude to filing a lawsuit for some imaginary discrimination. It used to be called extortion.