Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Australian Human Rights Commission (HRC) attacks businessman because he criticized a new tax

The whole convoluted story is here and here but it is rather hard to follow so I will summarize:

The head of department store chain Myer, Bernie Brookes, said a new levy to support the national disability scheme would be bad for business and bad for the workers.

Even the HRC couldn't see how they could brand that criticism as "discrimination" but they are deeply in love with "disability" so they had to stick their oar in.  So in response, disability commissioner Graeme Innes -- an employee of the HRC -- started a campaign against Myer and Mr Brookes, accusing Myer of not hiring enough disabled people.  They had no reply to what he said about the tax but they wanted to get at him so they picked on another issue in an attempt to embarrass him.

Brookes and Myer have asked for the HRC to disown the Innes  campaign but the HRC is not backing down.  It is pure abuse of bureaucratic power in furtherance of a political cause.

Myer have now  asked the political boss of the HRC to intervene but that won't happen.  They are just trying to put the HRC on the spot and neuter the Innes campaign as pure politics and they have done that. There is only so much that a business under attack from a predatory bureaucracy can do  -- particularly when that bureaucracy is the one entrusted with enforcing high standards of speech and behaviour!

The old bag who runs the HRC,  Gillian Triggs, (Pic below) should be ashamed of herself.  She may object to me calling her an old bag but if she is happy with the standards displayed by her organization, I am happy with my standards.


Anonymous said...

And yet, the fools still believe they live in a free country. It's truly amazing how stupid people really are.

Anonymous said...

JR, she looks more like a sh!tbag to me.

Amfortas said...

Jobs for the girls of the Feminist Revolution. Interference, coercion, nannying. All paid by the taxpayer including taxes on Myer.