Monday, July 15, 2013

Must not compliment a woman on her figure

Britain: A grandfather and veteran councillor has been reprimanded by council bosses for making what was claimed to be a ‘sexist’ remark about a colleague’s figure.

Mel Winter, 71, was carrying a cup of coffee in each hand when Labour councillor Hailey Townsend, 29, asked if he wanted her to open the door for him at their council HQ.

Mr Winter replied: ‘With a figure like that, you can hold the door all day.’

Offended, Mrs Townsend  reported the remark to senior council officials.

Mr Winter was summoned by council legal director Andrew Jolley and warned about his behaviour.

Mr Winter, who has been an independent councillor in Bridgend, South Wales, for 30 years, said: ‘It is a sad day when you can’t make a compliment to a lady.

‘I think of myself as a gentleman and I get on with most women, young and old.  ‘I was passing her a compliment in good faith and in a light-hearted manner.



Anonymous said...

Female Labour councillor. Say no more. one look in her direction would be enough to be called a misogynist.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

What happened to taking your issue to the source and working it out like an adult instead of running to mommy and saying "He's looking at me!! Make him stop looking at me!!"

Are we so overly sensitive to any perceived slight that we have lost all sense of dealing with it ourselves?

If such is the case, then I think I just might have to sue Chris Matthews who offends me every time he claims that someone who disagrees with the president is a racist.

Anonymous said...

Would she have preferred being called a.fat.cow? There some people. compliment them and they are offended! Of course when you are.obscessed with sexism or racism, all you see are potential affronts.

Anonymous said...

what an ugly and hateful world the left wants us to live in.