Friday, July 19, 2013

Australia: Man kicked off NT bus because his Victoria's Secret model singlet was too sexy

A YOUNG man has been refused passage on a Darwin bus because the driver deemed his singlet to be too racy.

Twenty-two year old Daniel Willis attempted to board a bus with his girlfriend on Sunday afternoon but the driver told him he would not let him on "because you can't get on with that singlet".

Mr Willis' tank top depicts a Victoria's Secret model posing in her underwear, which he bought from a surf shop in NSW.

"It's not offensive - I'm a real beachy person and it's just a print on the front of a beachy singlet," he said. "No one has ever said anything bad about it before.

"Victoria's Secret models are on television and (billboards) all the time. Maybe (the bus driver) is living a bit in the past. It's the 21st century and times have moved on."

In the end Mr Willis and his girlfriend were forced to walk to their destination.



Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..." -- Spider

Anonymous said...

Another name for singlet is man dress.

Anonymous said...

In the ghetto, they're called "wife beaters". That's because whenever some "dude" kicks the living shit out of his ho, he's wearing one of those.

Anonymous said...

idiot driver should have been fired. He would have let muzzrat on with a me that is more insulting to civilized people.