Thursday, March 28, 2013

PETA "insensitive" to women

PETA, or the People's Ethical Treatment of Animals, claim to recognise the "right of all animals to be treated with respect". They are famous for their outlandish stunts such as dousing Kim Cattrall in red paint and involving celebrities such as Pamela Anderson in their efforts. Although they are most likely the world's largest animal rights group in the world, and certainly the most well-known, PETA seem to care very little for one animal in particular: human beings.

PETA have a long history of using 'scandalous' pictures in an endeavour to gain some edge in their advertising campaigns. Their complete lack of respect in regard to the human female form is incredible, and their adverts frequently engage in some kind of body-shaming message in their endeavours to bring a worldwide switch to vegetarianism or veganism. They have a habit of objectifying women for causes as utterly unrelated to sex as bull-riding and getting your five-a-day. After looking through a selection of their ads, both past and present, what is notably lacking amongst the naked women and attempts at shock value is the presence of any actual animals.

Although they defend their decision to use almost exclusively naked women in their advertisements on the basis that 'sex sells', it cannot be overlooked that by replacing abused animals with abused women, they are hitting much too close to the truth. In a world where violence against women is rife, using shackled and bruised women in an attempt to promote ethical treatment of elephants is inappropriate and insensitive.



Anonymous said...

PETA, like other radicals, such as Enviro-Nazi's, Food-Nazi's, tobacco-Nazi's, etc. are simply left-wing radicals who have found a new way of forcing their will on everyone else. They would love for all of us to return to a cave-dwelling existence. All of us, except themselves of course. They should be seen as what they truly are. Terrorists. And i'm an animal lover.

Anonymous said...

2:38 You should be careful describing yourself as an "animal lover"!!

Anonymous said...

More lefty tolerance

Anonymous said...

Well I am a member of PETA, and I respect all animals. I especially respect cows, pigs, and chickens. I respect 'em with barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce and various rubs while keeping the poor critters warm on my Barbecue grill. Oh, the PETA that I belong too? People Eating Tasty Animals.