Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Boy" is a risky word

Chris Christie attacked for using it

Have you ever heard someone use the word “boy” as an exclamation, to add emphasis? If you haven’t, it means one of two things. Either you’re under the age of, say, five years old or you didn’t read this post from this morning, when I used the word that way myself.

Christie used it that way too when a heckler at a recent town hall shouted that New Jersey needs to fix its public schools. Fixing public schools is what Christie’s all about; that’s why he battles the teachers’ union and that’s why he helped promote “Waiting for Superman.” Boy oh boy oh boy, does he want to fix those public schools.

Just one hitch: The heckler at the town hall was black. So when Christie said “boy,” Democrats pounced.  Which explanation is more likely, do you suppose? That a modern politician would insult a black constituent by calling him “boy,” in full view of rolling cameras and a crowded church no less? Or that he meant it as an exclamation? That 74 percent approval rating isn’t going to deflate without some help, you know.



Anonymous said...

Or, that it was an obvious set-up? Besides, it's impossible to offend blacks more than blacks do. Being "offended" has become a big business ($$$) in the ghetto, just after producing more parasites and drug dealing.

Anonymous said...

It's "the States", so what do the denizens there know about the English language to get so offended by its use! It's the English language that should be offended, if only it could!

Dean said...

What a difference comma placement makes. Christie appears to have said " . . . I hear ya boy, I hear ya. . .". Had he placed the comma (pause) one word earlier it would have been, ". . . I hear ya, boy I hear ya . . ."

In the first instance it sounds like he is referring to the heckler as 'boy'. The second version indicates emphasis on hearing what the heckler is saying.

Actually it doesn't really matter. Even had he put the pause in the right place liberals would still run around crowing, "Oh boy oh boy oh boy. We have found something about which we can be offended."

Anonymous said...

Here is a website with a list of words that the queer leftists consider code for racism.


(for those that might miss it, it is the dictionary, meaning every word is a word they consider code for racism).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing for the people who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of violent crime and drug use in this nation to be so sensitive?

Anonymous said...

Right, because White public figures in the United States are SO bigoted that they just can't help using racial slurs in their political speeches.

Yet another example of who the racists REALLY are.

Anonymous said...

Dateline Chicago: 9 year old arrested for carjacking. No such thing as a boy in the ghetto. Pretty much go from toddler to thug.