Thursday, March 07, 2013

Kia concept car 'Provo' reminds Brits of the IRA

KIA'S new concept car, the Provo, is designed to provoke comment. But to many across Britain and Ireland, the name sounds like a celebration of terrorism.

British politicians appealed on Tuesday in the House of Commons for the South Korean car maker to junk the name of its planned mini sports coupe because Provo is the street name for the dominant branch of the outlawed Irish Republican Army. The Provisional IRA killed nearly 1800 people during its failed 1970-1997 campaign to force Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom.

Kia insisted the Provo - an experimental prototype unveiled this week for the International Geneva Motor Show and years away from production - was named to suggest "provocative," not IRA bombings and shootings. And in a follow-up statement, Kia said it would be certain not to market any future car as a Provo in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.



Anonymous said...

Provo is also a hometown for homophobic Mormans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i can see why having a history of imperialism and domination would make them uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

BTW, in case you haven't seen this car yet, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

4:29, yeah, like your country doesn't!