Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Outrage at British parents who 'blacked up' baby to look like black football star

It certainly looks unpleasant but I am not sure why it is being regarded as a slur.  It could be complimentary.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

A baby has become embroiled in an online race row after he was 'blacked up' to look like former Manchester City football player Mario Balotelli.

Chocolate was smeared over the child's face and a washing-up sponge stuck on his head to copy the striker's Mohawk hair.

A picture of the baby, who even sports the footballer's slogan 'Why Always Me?', was then posted on the Internet sparking outrage last night. The photo was retweeted 2,000 times.

Jim C posted on Twitter: 'You thought you'd seen it all. Dear me.'

While another said: 'Parents tweeted ghastly picture of baby dressed as Mario Balotelli, this must be child abuse.'

Matt Bishop added: 'Jesus wept, who does this to their child!?!?!?!?'

Parenting expert Sue Atkins, author of Parenting Made Easy: How To Raise Happy Children, told the Sunday Mirror: 'Just looking at this picture makes me very uncomfortable, especially the fact the child is blacked up. I don't like it at all.'

It is believed the photo was uploaded by a Manchester United fan on Instagram.

Balotelli, from Italy, left Manchester City to play for AC Milan after helping the club to win its first title in 44 years.



Anonymous said...

Liberal fascists want to ban smoking in people's homes in california


Stan B said...

So we can imitate everything but skin color when it comes to dressing up as our favorite star/idol/whatever?

I saw the most racist thing on TV last night - some opera singer on stage in blackface! If ever there was racism in the arts - I can't imagine what calls to mind a "minstrel show" like that!

Shakespeare should be banned for promoting such behavior, as should Verdi for writing an opera about it!

A. Levy said...

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists..."

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about blacks, don't imitate blacks, don't revere blacks, don't be around blacks. Your health, career, and reputation will suffer. When you think you are comfortable enough to make some off hand joke or comment, can ruin your life. Best to avoid them at all possible, but for God's sake, don't mention you are avoiding them, it could have the same effect.

Anonymous said...

libs are plain crazy and fearful

Anonymous said...

To Bill I offer this:

"Hate speech is verbal communication that induces anger due to the listener's inability to offer an intelligent response."