Friday, March 29, 2013

No free speech in Austria

Austria's Roman Catholic Church has forbidden a priest from preaching to his flock at Easter Mass because of his comments against gays and Muslims.

The move comes after the 75 year-old priest, Karl Tropper, has been repeatedly warned to desist from inciting hate against gays and Muslims.

Last week he called gay people ‘homo-deranged’, he has also described Islam as ‘pure racism’.

Tropper has a history of using hate language, in numerous press releases from his Church he referred to LGBT people and Muslims in hateful terms, reported the daily Kleine Zeitung.

Austria’s Catholic Church previously put these comments down to Tropper’s old age but explicitly warned him on Thursday (21 March) to stop inciting hatred or else face retirement.

Tropper ignored the warnings and in an interview the following day (22 March) with the daily Kleine Zeitung he described gays as ‘perverts’, adding: ‘If you can no longer say this, you have to go as a parish priest into retirement’.



Anonymous said...

Actually, it's no "Free Speech in Catholic Church," but that's nothing new. The Church has punished heretics and priests who don't toe the company line for 2,000 years.

Abdul X said...

It would have been OK for Tropper to molest children, however.

Anonymous said...

ya mean like Mohammed did?

Abdul X said...

"ya mean like Mohammed did?"

The're all the same.

Anonymous said...

yep, he could molest kids and he could bless jihadist bombings and beheadings,,,,but G-d forbid telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

That's right, according to Islam its alright to lie as long as it promotes Islam.

Anonymous said...

"according to Islam its alright to lie as long as it promotes Islam."

That's what ALL religions say, doofus.

Anonymous said...

Well it's Austria - who can think of another madman from there?