Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A crime to criticize abortion in Tasmania

“Abortion has effectively been legal in Australian states for more than 40 years, although it has remained in the criminal code. The number of prosecutions in all that time can be counted on one hand. So why the sudden enthusiasm for decriminalization?

“Because the real aim of the Labor-Green coalition which is running Tasmania is to criminalize abortion dissent. With only two weeks for the public to respond, the Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne, has drafted what may be most draconian abortion law anywhere.

“The neighbouring state of Victoria decriminalized abortion in 2008. Ms O’Byrne says that this is the model for her bill. But the Victorian bill contains no penalties for conscientious objectors; the Tasmanian bill does. The Victorian bill doesn’t mention counsellors; the Tasmanian bill threatens counsellors with jail. The Victorian bill doesn’t mention protests; the Tasmanian bill threatens protesters with jail.”

Whenever you have a “public inquiry” in which ordinary citizens are given next to no time to prepare and enter a submission, then you know the government is trying to pull a fast one. They don’t really want public input – their mind is already made up. So that ridiculous deadline (March 22) certainly gives the game away.

And consider just what a Big Brother bill this really is: “If this bill passes, a part-time volunteer counsellor for an organization supporting pregnant women could be jailed for a year and fined up to A$65,000 if she refuses to refer a woman to a place where she can get an abortion. The bill’s definition of a counsellor includes anyone who gives ‘advice or information relating to pregnancy options’ and ‘whether or not for fee or reward’. Overnight, all agencies which disagree with abortion will be forced to shut down.

“Medical practitioners will be obliged under threat of a $65,000 fine to make referrals if they have a conscientious objection. To anyone who believes that an unborn child has a right to life making a referral means cooperating with evil. The proposed laws are coercing participation in the overall process of abortion procurement.

“Nurses who refuse to participate in abortions could be fined $65,000. The right to peaceful protest will also be shut down. The bill imposes a 300-metre-wide exclusion zone around abortion clinics. The maximum penalty is 12 months in jail and a $65,000 fine…

“To make matters worse, the prohibited activity includes intimidating, protesting or photographing, and ‘any other prescribed [sic] behaviour’. The sloppy wording, in combination with an open-ended section on regulations, could be used to punish innocent activity.

“The Health Minister has been quite disingenuous about the scope and purpose of her bill in her statements to the media. She has mentioned none of these tyrannical measures and has given the public a mere two weeks to respond to one of the most far-reaching pieces of abortion legislation ever proposed anywhere.”



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Anonymous said...

Here's today's test for all you old timers;

Does anyone remember when Australia was a free country?

Use the Name, Luke said...

Why does it seem like every country in the world is going one of two directions; hard left or Islamic?

Anonymous said...

Well Luke, "Islamic" is also anti-abortion, as one way of islamizing the world is flooding it with muslim babies.

Anonymous said...

............. "Islamic" is also anti-abortion, as one way of islamizing the world is flooding it with muslim babies.

Yup those Muslims really are just like Western pro-life folks. That must be why they wrap women in garbage bags, won't let them out of the house w/o a male escort and kill or maim them when they're raped. Those whacky Mussies, just like your typical Christian or Jew. A fine bunch of upstanding folks straight out of the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

Before you condemn Australia please realise that the once penal colony of Tasmania has fallen under the spell of the Green/Leftist agenda for some years and those in power no longer feel that they have to answer to the people (mainly because the state is a welfare basket case caused by leftist policies)they can push their agenda freely without consequence.

Anonymous said...

11:39 AM And please now quote what St Paul said about women (and slaves)! And please no excuses!

Anonymous said...

Any government and any population that condones abortion is destined to fail. What a truly reprehensible position for anyone to take who condones the killing of the unborn. A baby is created ONLY by sexual intercourse. Such activity is either consensual or non-consensual. If it was consensual, then both involved should be held accountable for their actions. If it was non-consensual, then the authorities should be notified and charges should be pressed.

We have degenerated as a society to a point where the understandings of basic morality has been lost.

Anonymous said...

"A baby is created ONLY by sexual intercourse" - Has 7:44 never heard of artificial insemination?