Friday, March 15, 2013

'I don't want a poofter to be me in a film of my life'  -- says British racing car driver

Motor racing star Sir Stirling Moss has caused controversy by saying he didn't want 'a poofter or anything like that' to play him in a film.

His comments came during an interview when he said he would like a 'masculine' actor like James Bond actor Daniel Craig to portray him in any biopic.

The 83-year-old Formula One legend then made matters worse by backtracking, claiming he had 'homosexual friends' and that 'there's nothing wrong with it'.

Today gay and lesbian campaigners condemned him for his homophobia.

Three-times married Sir Stirling, who lives with his wife Susie in London's Mayfair, made his original comments at the Motor Sport Hall Of Fame in London.

When he heard that the married Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was playing the late Formula 1 champion James Hunt in a film, Sir Stirling mused on who might play him in a similar film.

He said: 'I hope the actor would be masculine, not a poofter or anything like that.  Perhaps the guy from Skyfall?'


"Poofter" is the British/Australian version of "faggot", though not as aggressive.


Anonymous said...

As implied, "poofter" is an effeminate male presumed to be homosexual, but of course Stirling Moss could also have a masculine homosexual as there are many of those, some to the point of being über-masculine. If he still objected to that, then it would appear he was homophobic/homobigoted.
(I don't believe these people who always backtrack claiming they have "many" friends who are gay/black/muslim/whatever!)

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the racing legend should be able to pick whomever he wants to portray him on the screen. And, if he doesn't want some meat-whistle player, then they should bow to his wishes. He's earned it, unlike the limp-wristed pansys who are objecting.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many famous openly gay men would appreciate being portrayed in film by heterosexual men. It cuts both ways although the gay lobby refuse to admit it. What is wrong with saying you don't want to be portrayed by a poofter? Has the world completely lost the right of free thought and speech?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think actors could choose who can or cannot play them in biographies. Isn't there some sort of freedom of speech thing here? Oh wait. This is happening in the UK. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Sterling is not an actor. The film is a story of his life, and in all such cases, whenever possible, the subject of the film has lots to say as to actors, script, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Actors" - the clue is in the noun, and they should be able to act parts they are not themselves in real life. Some posters here think it's okay for whites to play blacks, but yet think only heterosexuals should play heterosexuals. Many straights have played gays (and dumb people think they are gay in real life as a result - incredible!).

Anonymous said...

phobias are mental conditions, why do homos have a phobia about people with phobias?