Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Must not satirize women

The Medium, a satirical student newspaper at Rutgers University, apologized last week for printing a controversial article that made derogatory remarks about the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and compared its members to livestock.

The Rutgers chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is closing due to a small pledge class and financial troubles, according to the Daily Targum. The Medium decided to cover the sorority's end with a satirical story under the headline and deck: "Alpha Chi Omega to Shut Down; ‘We don’t want to be like you ugly bitches‘ Potential Pledges say."

The article, bylined "Satanic Yoda," said AXO's pledge class "consisted of a measly three wildebeests and an elephant." It included a photo of a barn painted with AXO's Greek letters in a cornfield with a cow in front. Most of the article was filled with fat jokes.

The Medium has since removed the article from its website, but copies are still being shared on various blogs.



Anonymous said...

Don't they know that humor, even when it's simply honest, is no longer acceptable?

Use the Name, Luke said...

Those spammers are really becoming a pain. Maybe it's time to restrict comments to Google and OpenID accounts.

Anonymous said...

"Those spammers are really becoming a pain."

What do you have against free enterprise? What are you, a socialist?

Anonymous said...

4:23 That's not free enterprise, that's being a parasite to the annoyance of those that read this blog. An IP block would be a convenient fix.

Anonymous said...

Luke is also a spammer with the frequent lengthy biblical extracts!

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in the constitution does it say you have the right NOT to be offended.

But I seem to recall a part about free speech.

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment does not cover harassment.