Saturday, May 03, 2008

What a mixed-up galoot

The University of California at Irvine has just got a new law school. Heading it is Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky. Below is an excerpt from a report about him:

"I got to witness UCI Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky publicly address for the first time the clash between Muslim and Jewish students. This is significant not only because Chemerinsky has immediately become one of Orange County's highest-profile academics but because the issue affects him so personally: He is a Jew, and he is moving his family to on-campus faculty housing. Over the last few years, UCI has acquired a reputation in some circles as a place where Jews feel unwelcome because of the hate-filled speech of some speakers brought in by Muslim students.

The moment rumors started circulating last summer about Chemerinsky's possible appointment as dean, he started getting e-mails asking if he knew about Jewish complaints against UCI. "In March," he said, "I spoke at a program for Jewish leaders in Los Angeles, and though my talk was on the new UCI law school, most of the questions were about these complaints against UCI. Soon after, I received literally dozens of messages concerning a self-appointed outside group's conclusion that Jews should not attend UCI."

Chemerinsky looked into it. He concluded "there have been speakers on campus who have said offensive, sometimes highly offensive things against Israel and against Jews. But I also learned that there has not been violence, or threats of violence, or incidents of harassment, or arrests, or even the need for disciplinary proceedings for inappropriate conduct by students."

He noted that the U.S. Office of Civil Rights concluded there was not a hostile environment for Jews on campus and that the leaders of five on-campus Jewish-student groups have issued a joint statement saying the same thing.

Acknowledging he's still an outsider (he doesn't move to O.C. until next month to prepare for the first class in 2009), he said UCI has so far done the right thing. "My strong sense is that the university has properly allowed - and must continue to allow - speech that is distasteful, offensive, and even extremist. Unfortunately its critics, including some in the Jewish community, sometimes fail to realize that allowing such speech on the campus of a public university is required by the First Amendment."

However, he said, "UCI must continue to condemn hate speech in all its forms and be sure that no one ever is harassed, or made to feel unwelcome based on religion or ethnicity or race or gender or sexual orientation or any other characteristic."


So there has to be actual violence before Muslim behaviour is condemned! A pity Christians cannot get that sort of permissiveness when they note what the Bible says about homosexuality!

And nobody must be "made to feel unwelcome based on religion or ethnicity". So I guess that the furious slanders of Jews and Israel emanating from Muslim students don't make Jews feel unwelcome! You could have fooled me!

The galoot is just another Jew who thinks that the antisemites won't ever come for him if he is nice to them. They thought that in 1930s Germany too.


Anonymous said...

If history were to bear record, it would be that Jews had continued to have a bull's eye mark on their backs.
In Canada it considered fashionable to be Antisemitic.
Whenever someone uses slur go home, it means that they are either stupid, a douchebag or gay, or whichever background they come from.
Antisemites are generally given free pass, in spreading their poison.
Personally anyone who is antisemitic, his/her family should all be killed for their racist rants.

Anonymous said...

You sound like one of the guards in the concentration camps!

Anonymous said...

I was expecting a smart ass remark from someone.
If you read the comment, I never condone or made any hatred toward the Jews or the Jewish state.
in what I had said. Antisemitism should never be allowed to crop up, which unfortunately popping up everywhere in the world not just in Canada and the US.
I have no respect for any who are Antisemitic non-whatsoever, is that clear for you.
I have a zero tolerance for Antisemitism.
If anyone think its fashionable to be antisemitic, is seriously wrong with the person in question.
Any holocaust deniers should have their legs broken.
I'm a firm believer that everyone has the right to preserve their own culture.

Oh yeah, as for using the slur, "go home," it's way too old and tiring.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chemerinsky appears regularly on a conservative radio talk show so I've heard him argue the ridiculous and the sublime Interstingly enough, he was offered the job @ UC Irvine and then the offer was rescindid. Thru the efforts of conservative pundits (and their fierce minions)the offer was extended again and accepted.
Apparently Erwin has a better grasp of whatever it is that deans do than legal arguments.