Thursday, May 08, 2008

NY: Must not allege affirmative action!

Leftists go to great lengths to give preference to blacks but you must not say that they give preference to blacks!
"The controversy erupted after Paladino claimed at an education forum two weeks ago that James A. Williams was hired as school superintendent because he is black. Williams has declined to comment, but a former School Board member who sat on a search panel that recommended finalists said Paladino's comments were "totally inaccurate." Betty Jean Grant said Williams' race was not a factor in the process.

At one point during Tuesday's meeting, Paladino seemed to concede the possibility that factors other than race might have figured in Williams' hiring. But he stood by his original statement when a reporter asked him for clarification. "I'm not backing away from anything, because I spoke the truth," Paladino said. He added that the state should step in to try to "straighten up the incompetence" of a school system that he contends is squandering hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Council's Legislation Committee delayed action on a bill sponsored by Davis and Masten Council Member Demone A. Smith asking the state to ban people who engaged in "racially offensive" conduct from obtaining public leases or contracts. Some Council members say that might be unconstitutional. But Smith said he sees nothing wrong with his push to "ban people who deep down don't like the people that they're serving."



Anonymous said...

I would hope that's not true but I am certain it is. The best person for the job should be hired regardless of race, creed, or anything else.

GO WINGS!!!!!!
Global Warmer

Anonymous said...

Hoping it's not true won't work, since we all know it is true! Perhaps Mr. Paladino doesn't realize we now live under "The New Order", (ie: political correctness) and that the truth is not only offensive, but no longer acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action is alive and well. It is also a blatant form of racial discrimination.