Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Boycott?

I have often said here that conservatives should discourage Google's anti-conservative bigotry by using other search engines. And I continue to think that. On the other hand, I am using Google's hospitality in posting this blog here by way of a Google facility. So am I being a hypocrite? Perhaps I am. I do at least not accept advertising (from Google or anyone else) on any of my blogs.

Anyway, I thought the post below from Macsmind was worth some thought:
"I know that it's beyond expecting Google to celebrate anything except that which is negative to America, so I don't expect them to memorialize our troops on memorial day. Yahoo has. has. Even Dogpile has.

But Google has not. In fact it has yet to ever recognize anything except leftist causes. While I can't influence Google's editorial decision I can control whether I give their spots face time on this blog. Since this blog averages 30,000 hits a day I believe that the best way I can show my displeasure for their oversight, is to remove their ads.

If you have a website, blog, and you're tired of watching Google disrespect the troops I ask you in the spirit of patriotism and for the memory of those who have fallen to remove your associations from Google as well.

Perhaps they will get the message and perhaps they won't, but I don't care. They paid next to nothing for their adsense program - if they paid at all. So on this memorial day how about passing it around and following my example.


Anonymous said...

If you're serious about not supporting Google, stop hosting your blogs at blogspot, which is a Google subsidiary.

Anonymous said...

I only use for searches.