Sunday, May 04, 2008

No respect for free speech or intellectual diversity at Smith College

Smith college is an elite Massachusetts liberal arts college for women. We read:

"Last night Ryan Sorba, an "anti-homosexual activist" spoke at Smith College. Sorba, the author of the upcoming book, "The Born Gay Hoax," (yes, seriously) can been seen in action here. The awesome feminists of Smith forced Sorba out after a mere twenty minutes of speaking, when he was drowned out by protesters.


The above quote is from a feminist site. Their silence over the treatment of women in Muslim countries has long ago revealed that feminism is just a mask for far Leftism these days and the above certainly confirms that. Christians who are critical of homosexuality are fair game and must be shouted down. Muslims (as in Iran) who actually kill homosexuals are just "misunderstood".

A commenter here reasonably asks how the feminists would feel if they were denied the right to be heard in a similar way. The shrieks and squeals would resound to high Heaven.

Fuller details of what actually happened here


Dean said...

The comments from Feminesting were interesting. There is support for the perception that many leftists feel fine with denying those who disagree with them the right to be heard. One wonders if they are self-aware enough to realise how arrogant that attitude is.

Anonymous said...

Smith College is more a training camp for "lipstick-lesbians" than it is a college! The so-called feminist movement was never anything more than another tentacle of the far-left, and a way to recruit mindless women to their causes. If the majority of women were capable of thinking for themselves, this phony movement would never had gotten off the ground!

Anonymous said...

Is Ryan Sorba a former homosexual? Then how would he know if being gay was a hoax or not?

I don't see gay people writing "The Born Straight Hoax" or "Recovering from Heterosexuality" or having an ex-straight movement with support and encouragement.


Anonymous said...


We know of your propensities but here's a link to an event where the hateful didn't shout him down.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Sorba was either invited or payed to speak. Then protesters shouted him out, sounds like campus security does not exist at Smith college.

Linking in the Muslim angle was un-necessary. If feminists were shouted down during their speech, they would claim their rights of free-speech were impeached. Reversing that scenario, the feminists are anti-free speech and brown shirt stormtroopers in this scenario.

Anonymous said...

Feminism is a socialist movement for women. where they can be idiots everyday, twenty-four hours a day.
Typically the lefties have an arrogant attitude in denying those who disagree with them.
If women were smarter than men, why the heck they act so stupid?
In fact feminists believe that people who are inferior be cleansed off from the face of the earth.
in the old days, education was meant to basically prepare youth. Now indoctrination is on full swing, where brainwashing is permitted via tax payer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Women need to join a movement to be idiots every day? Since when?

Anonymous said...

As a female myself, I think this feminist movement is nonsense. It's caused way more damage than good. I don't ever see how it caused any good really. That group is nothing but a bunch of nazi dyke fembots.

Anonymous said...

So how is it that these "ladies" are allowed to completely disrupt this presentation without any formal resistance, but a person asking embarrassing questions during a Democrat Q&A gets Tazered?

Chilerkle said...

Probably not Leftists are intolerant, bigoted arrogant and self-righteous to boot!

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit like Chuckle-head himself - what a sad joke he is!