Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Furore over Clinton Drama

An ABC TV series called "Path to 9/11" that shows how Osama bin Laden and the Muslims generally were allowed to carry on their activities unhindered by the Clinton administration has caused a lot of controversy.

The Left have been outraged at having the truth of the matter aired and have succeeded in having the series cut to let Clinton off the hook to a degree.

Michael Moore can air outright deceptions in his films about Preseident Bush but even hinting at the truth of Clinton's negligence is not allowed. There is a coverage of the controversy here.

The Rockwell blog notes that a legal threat was made against ABC by Congressional Democrats in order to get the drama censored. You can see one of the censored sections here

With their usual love of ad hominem arguments, the Left have tried to discredit the series by revealing that one of the people responsible for it has "Evangelical ties". Shock! Horror! I wonder why Michael Moore's "ties" were not a big issue?


There are more of the censored excerpts here

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