Thursday, September 28, 2006

Even Mozart Falls Victim to the Muslims

We read:

"For fear of Muslim anger, the bosses of the world-renowned Deutsche Oper in Berlin have cancelled performances of Mozart's Idomeneo. The decision has unleashed a storm of disapproval from politicians and writers, who claim that Germany has fatally compromised the freedom of expression...

Tenenbom said: "This self-censorship shouldn't be happening anywhere, but least of all in Germany. This is where the Nazis burnt books.


Sad that an opportunity to see a performance of a Mozart opera was lost. People would have come from all over Europe to see such a rare performance. The replacement performance is of a well-known opera that will be much less of a drawcard. Mozart operas, of course, give enormous pleasure to many. A small memoir of my last visit to a Mozart opera is here or here

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