Friday, September 08, 2006

Call for Ethnic Profiling Attacked

Florida GOP Congressional candidate Mark Flanagan is calling for Middle-Easterners to be given priority screening at airports. He is of course being attacked from all sides over that. How dare he ask for a rational use of scarce resources!

Maybe it is progress of a sort that although the word "race" is being bandied around over the matter, the main objection being raised is that such profiling would be "ineffective":

"Advancing racial profiling may be a convenient political tactic, but racial profiling that is targeting people because of skin color or ethnic background has proven not to make us safer," said Muslima Lewis, ACLU Florida's racial justice project director and senior staff attorney. "It's wrong. . . . It's just a misdirection of resources."


I would like to see the evidence that it is ineffective. It could not be more ineffective than targeting elderly Midwestern grandmothers -- which is the sort of thing that happens at the moment.

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