Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fatties suffer 'discrimination, depression'

We read:

"Depression, discrimination and humiliation, not just excess weight, are burdens for people who are obese, a Melbourne professor said today. Monash University Professor Paul Komesaroff is leading a study into the emotional burdens of being overweight. He said the physical risks of obesity were well known, but little had been done on how overweight people felt about themselves and society's attitudes to them. "Overweight people are often reviled and humiliated their whole lives," Professor Komesaroff said. "Public debates and comments often don't help"...


You have two groups -- one group is constantly murdering and attacking people. The other group harms nobody. One group you can vilify at will and the other you dare say nothing negative about. So which are you allowed to vilify, Muslims or fatties? The answer shows how twisted the values of political correctness are.

Why is it OK to hurt the feelings of fatties but not OK to hurt the feelings of Muslims? Should fatties start bombing the obesity warriors? It would give the PC brigade a big dilemma if they did.

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