Friday, September 29, 2006

"Eagle's Nest" a Bad Name

News from Charleston:

"The elementary school adjacent to River Oaks Middle School was dubbed Eagle Nest Elementary. A giant eagle's nest discovered on the site caused a delay in construction due to environmental regulations, and board members felt the name would serve as a permanent reminder of the school's unique history.

Still, that name isn't without controversy.

District spokeswoman Pat Raynor informed board members of a message she received from a history teacher, who warned the board to consider that "Eagle's Nest" was the nickname given to Adolf Hitler's command center complex during World War II."


Despite their anti-Nazi dedication, modern-day Germans still seem to be happy to live at the original German site. It has not been abandoned just because Hitler was there. Hitler in fact visited it only a few times but thousands of tourists now visit it. And "Eagle's Nest" is a Hollywood name for it, anyway. In German it is called the "Kehlsteinhaus" (House on Mt. Kehlstein).

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