Saturday, September 09, 2006

Biased Media Treatment of Senator Allen

There has been huge and repeated coverage from the Left-leaning mainstream media about Sen. Allen's "gaffe" in using what to him was clearly the nonsense-word "macaca". The episode has been seized on by the media to "get" Allen. So I thought a very sensible comment on the matter by a black commentator was worth reproducing:

"Similar insincerity is evident in the reaction to Allen and the macaca episode, in which the Virginia Republican used the word in reference to a U.S.-born Democratic campaign worker of Indian descent. Imagine for a moment that Allen actually knew that a "macaque" is a kind of monkey, or that in French the term is sometimes used as an insult for North Africans (Allen denied having known about either). Who, then, believes that Allen would use the slur against an opposition campaigner aiming a camera straight at him?

The facts of the case would suggest that Allen just made up something silly on the spot -- something especially clear from the video of the incident, in which Allen, as usual, speaks in his jocular backyard-barbecue tone."


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