Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ banned from school forms in France

A change to a law in France will see schools unable to refer to a child’s parents as their “mother” or “father” on school documents, instead the titles will be replaced with “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

The amendment was passed in parliament as part of the country’s Schools of Trust law and aims to reduce the discrimination faced by same-sex parents.

“To prevent discrimination, school enrolment, class registers, parental authorisations and all other official forms involving children must mention only Parent 1 and Parent 2,” the amendment reads.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Republique en Marche party backed the change, with MP Valérie Petit saying this amendment of the wider law recognises “children’s family diversity in administrative forms”.

“We have families who find themselves faced with tick boxes stuck in rather old-fashioned social and family models,” Ms Petit said.

“For us, this article is a measurement of social equality.”

But not everyone was impressed with the amendment, with conservatives and Christian groups arguing the phrase parent 1 or 2 “dehumanises” parents.

A number of conservative MPs denounced the change, calling the amendment “frightening” and claiming it disrespected heterosexual parents.

There is still potential for the change to be rejected by the majority-Senate and if this happens it would return to France’s National Assembly for further consideration.



Anonymous said...

discrimination faced by same-sex parents

I am in favor of that !

Stan B said...

What is this archaic entrenchment of the idea of 2 parents? Why not 3, or 4? Why binary marriages? The Supreme Court ruled you can't legislate who you love, so it only follows that polyamory and polygamy should follow! I'm surprised the French are not leading the way on these ideas! I'm sure their substantial Muslim population would welcome relaxation of the old Christian marriage laws that prevent them from having four wives, and keeping them well beaten!

Anonymous said...

Next there will be arguments over who is parent 1 or 2.
When feminist groups find out some women are listed as #2, they will march on schools.
This is all very predictable and an unintended consequence.

Bird of Paradise said...

The French continue down the road of ruin and decay as they run to the cliff and leap off to their doom over this PC nonsense Maybe its time for the Yellow Vests to march

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

France is a mess with Open Borders and unregulated immagration and it show no signs of ending

Anonymous said...

Biology 101 - Human offspring originates from a process called conception, which is the product of intercourse between a man and a woman. We refer to our children as our daughters or sons, and we give them names not numbers, and they refer to their parents as father and mother with respect to their biological roles as a couple. Copulation derives from the word couple. Changing the naming conventions is a form of depersonalization but also seems a misguided attempt to appease the anger of those who have rejected the traditional sexual roles, without which, ironically, they would not have been born into this world. What is wrong with this picture?