Sunday, February 03, 2019

‘Outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe’

But "piss Christ" is OK

A petition is demanding Nike recall a shoe which is offensive to the Muslim community because it resembles the word “Allah” in Arabic.

The petition says it’s “outrageous and appalling” of the global shoe brand to allow the name of God on the sole of the Nike Air Max 270, “which will surely be trampled, kicked and become soiled with mud or even filth”.

The petition, which has more than 22,000 signatures at the time of writing, was created by Saiqa Noreen who referred to a similar instance in 1997 when Nike recalled a shoe which also was said to resemble the word “Allah”.

Nike said in a statement published by Bloomberg the logo was a stylised representation of the Air Max trademark. “Any other perceived meaning or representation is unintentional,” the company said. “Nike respects all religions and we take concerns of this nature seriously.”



Anonymous said...

Muslim outrage about a mistaken interpretation of a logo.

Bird of Paradise said...

Nike just another name brand product were boycotting over their endorsing a fool who sits during the National Antheme

Anonymous said...

"allah" is not the name of god.

So get yourselves a pair and enjoy grinding it in the dirt.

stinky said...

I thought Allah lived in an ice cream package?