Thursday, February 28, 2019

'Fearless Girl' statue arrives in Australia

This statue seems to be particularly pleasing to feminists and anti-capitalists generally.  As such it would be a good target for retaliation against the attacks on historical statues that have been mounted by Leftists.

If Leftists can attack and deface statues and memorials of Australia's early settlers, why should not patriots attack and deface images valued by the Left?  It would be an important message to Leftists that they should be wary in their constant recourse to violence lest they ignite retaliatory violence against themselves and what they value.  It needs to be made clear to them that they don't have a monopoly of violence

The sort of thing that could be done would be to plaster red  paint over the statue and add a message:  "Beware the blood-lust of socialism". But conservatives are kind and forgiving people so I doubt that anything like that will happen

A bronze statue which has become a powerful symbol of gender equality has been unveiled at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

The ‘Fearless Girl’ statue was revealed to excited crowds at the landmark this morning, with many praising the creation as an “inspiration.”

The creation was unveiled this morning. (Nine/Supplied)
“I think it’s really good that the statue is in Australia, because it can inspire young girls to make a difference,” one member of the gathering crowd said.

The sculpture, by US artist Kristen Visbal, is an exact replica of one installed in New York City to oppose the Wall Street bull two years ago.

“She should symbolise supporting women in leadership positions, equality, equality of pay, the general wellbeing of women,” Ms Visbal said of her artwork.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is one of three companies who joined forces to buy the statue for the city, ahead of International Women's Day on March 8.

A total of 25 statues will be produced and placed across the globe.


Everything I have said above applies a fortiori to the USA of course.  People who demonize the independence struggles of the old South and destroy its monuments seem to have an opportunity here to receive some of their own back


Anonymous said...

conservatives are kind and forgiving people so I doubt that anything like that will happen

Got that right.

Stan B said...

This "fearless girl" was first publicized outside the New York Stock Exchange, and was supposed to be "facing down" the iconic Bull of Wall Street. However, to anyone who has ever faced a raging bull, or even seen a raging bull in action, she just look pathetically naive. Rodeo Clowns don't "face down" raging bulls, they distract them until thrown riders can get away. Any Clown who faces down a raging bull is going to end up skewered - this "fearless girl" included.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

The liberals favorite tactic is pitting the little man against Big Buisness they like to compare David Hogg their favorite idiot as fighting the NRA Goliath becuase Liberals are total JERKS

Anonymous said...

The Fearless Girl became iconic by distorting the message of the Rampaging Bull statue on Wall Street.
The proper response is to juxtapose the Fearless Girl against some other artwork. Perhaps she can be positioned in front of a statue of George Pell?