Monday, February 18, 2019

UK: Student Who Said ‘Women Don’t Have Penises’ Was Barred From Free Speech Debate

A student who faced repercussions after re-tweeting ‘women don’t have penises’ last year has been barred from a free speech debate over ‘security concerns’.

Angelos Sofocleous posted the statement on social media last August, facing backlash immediately afterwards as people called him transphobic and ignorant for his views.

As a result, he was sacked from his role as president of Humanist Students and assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy society journal – and now he’s been barred from a free speech debate at Bristol university.

The student wrote in the Spectator that he was supposed to be taking part in a panel hosted by Bristol University’s Free Speech Society on Wednesday (February 13), but has now been ‘de-platformed’.

He wrote:

Bristol students’ union refused to accept me as a speaker, forcing the free speech society to cancel their invitation to me in fear that my presence might spark protests. The SU went on to claim that ‘public disorder is highly likely.’

Sofocleous has also been very vocal on social media since his barring, saying the university’s decision proves their is an inherent problem with free speech on campuses around the country.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness requires accommodation of twisted minds by all.

ScienceABC123 said...

Education Fail: Someone needs to educate Bristol University’s student union as to the whole concept of "free speech."

Anonymous said...

Ironic that they banned someone from a "free speech" event for something he said.

Never mind the utter stupidity of their objections to what he said which is a simple fact that they in their delusional state wish to deny.

Anonymous said...

Here's a story which is a companion piece. The Vagina Monologues has been cancelled at a Michigan College because not all women have vaginas.