Sunday, February 10, 2019

Naughty Neeson

Must not have normal reactions

The red carpet at the premiere of Liam Neeson’s newest film has been abruptly cancelled amid fallout from the actor’s comments about decades-old thoughts he had about killing a black person.

Organizers of the New York premiere of Cold Pursuit informed journalists that interviews and photo opportunities had been panned on Tuesday afternoon, just hours before the event was supposed to start.

The Lionsgate film’s screening will continue as planned despite the star revealing he had an urge to murder a black person after his friend told him she'd been raped by a man of the same race.

Liam Neeson today denied he was a racist but failed to apologize as he faced the world for the first time since admitting he wanted to kill a random black man after a friend was raped.

He made the astonishing admission as he discussed his latest film, Cold Pursuit – about a father's quest for revenge against a drug baron after his son is killed.

The movie is out in the US on Friday and will be released into UK cinemas on February 22, but it is not yet known if he will attend the UK premiere.

The actor, 66, appeared on Good Morning America in New York Tuesday and revealed he had sought help from a Catholic priest after spending a week prowling the streets with a cosh to murder a 'black b*****d'.

Neeson said he 'understood' the hurt his words had caused but insisted: 'I'm not racist, this was 40 years ago. I had a primal urge. I was trying to show honor for a friend I dearly loved, in a medieval fashion'.

The star, who was later hugged and kissed by black audience members on the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, said he had gone to church when he became 'scared' and realised he had wanted to 'unleash' murder on a stranger for his friend, who he said died five years ago.



Anonymous said...

I see why they are angry, he realized what he was doing on his own and took steps to clean himself of his anger.

The ones who are angry about this are jealous that Neeson had the fortitude to do what they can't, namely let go of their anger.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liam Nesson is the idiot who blamed the mass shootings in France over those Muhamed Cartoons on American Gun Owners and besides all his movies are totaly the worst ever made