Thursday, February 07, 2019

A far-Leftist comes unglued

A prominent US political activist and author is sparking anything but joy after she made racist remarks about Marie Kondo.

Barbara Ehrenreich, a 77-year-old author, is under fire after tweeting: “I will be convinced that America is not in decline only when our de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo learns to speak English.”

Kondo, 34, became affectionately known as the decluttering guru after the publication of her organisational guide, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But she shot to international and viral fame after the release of her eponymous Netflix show.

But Ehrenreich’s post about the decluttering guru went too far.   “It says a LOT about our current moment when basically anyone could come out saying super racist sh*t and it seems plausible they’ve been thinking it all along,” writer Celeste Ng tweeted.

Ehrenreich deleted her original tweet, but in a follow-up post, she doubled down on her remarks in a bizarre attempt to justify them.

"I confess: I hate Marie Kondo because, aesthetically speaking, I’m on the side of clutter. As for her language: It’s OK with me that she doesn’t speak English to her huge American audience but it does suggest that America is in decline as a superpower.

Her non-apology only stoked further outrage online.



Anonymous said...

I do not care.

Anonymous said...

She's not wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:22,

Assuming that you mean Barbara Ehrenreich is "not wrong," she is, in fact terribly wrong.

Marie Kondo has only been living in the US since 2016 after having lived her entire life in Japan. There is nothing wrong with a legal immigrant not speaking perfect English. It has been that way in this country ever since immigrants came here. Immigrants seldom spoke English and often times were too busy providing for their families to learn. Many learned from their children who were exposed to English in schools, playgrounds, etc. Her children should be taught English, but it is ridiculous to blame or say someone is less of an American or that America is in decline because they don't speak perfect English after being in the country for less than 3 years.

Kondo is trying to assimilate by learning the language and that's good enough for me.

It should be good enough for everyone.

What a stupid, insipid comment by Ehrenreich.