Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Gucci removes absurd "blackface" garment

Gucci has apologized for any offense caused by a turtleneck-style sweater after it received complaints the item resembled blackface.

Gucci confirmed that it immediately removed the $890 black wool sweater from its online and physical stores.

The neck portion of the sweater, which has a mouth opening surrounded by a band of red, is shown pulled up over the lower half of the Caucasian model’s face.



Anonymous said...

Stupid sweater design !

Anonymous said...

Actually I suspect they just used that as an excuse to remove that hideous excuse for a garment from their line,

Malcolm Smith said...

Of course, wearing this garment once is OK for a laugh, but it is rather impractical, don't you think?
Question: if the garment were (say) yellow with red lips, would anyone object?

Anonymous said...

$890. For THAT?!? I could hit the lottery tomorrow and still wouldn't purchase that hideous thing.