Sunday, January 13, 2019

Weatherman fired for allegedly using racial slur on-air

The word is a short form of "raccoon".  I have heard it often enough in the bad old days as a reference to the Rev. King that I run the risk of falling into that usage myself if I am not alert. I expect that the meteorologist was in a similar situation

A chief meteorologist at an NBC station in Rochester was fired on Monday for allegedly using a racial slur during a live broadcast.

Jeremy Kappell, of WHEC-TV, was describing a photo showing Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park when he allegedly uttered the offensive phrase. “Martin Luther C–n King Jr.,” he said, according to viewers and local officials.

Kappell has been trying his best to do damage control, referring to the incident as a “verbal slip” — much like the one that ESPN’s Mike Greenberg had in 2010, though he was allowed to keep his job.

“As a result of that broadcast meteorologist Jeremy Kappell is no longer with News10NBC,” said station vice president and general manager Richard A. Reingold.



Anonymous said...

I disliked the behavior of King, but never heard him called coon.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Mika use a homophobic slur and gets a pass. She apologized only after be forced to; admitted if it was a conservative, they would have been fired.

Bird of Paradise said...

So what has happened to Fee Speech are they now going to fire you if you say anything the snowflakes deem are offensive to others or just the other little snowflakes

Anonymous said...

Free speech is the right to speak freely with out government limit or sanction.
It is not the freedom to speak freely without any consequence.
While it might be nice to think of a world where people are forgiven or where sinister motives are not attributed where mere accident might suffice, this is not that world.