Monday, January 21, 2019

Swimming pool public health sign slammed as racist

When being inclusive backfired

A public health sign at a New Zealand swimming pool has been slammed as racist for depicting a coloured child being instructed not to urinate in the pool.

The poster, displayed at a public swimming pool in Auckland, features a cartoon of a young white girl telling a dark-skinned boy not to pee in the pool.

“Hemi, stop! Make sure you visit the toilet before you swim!” the sign reads.

The sign sparked a polarising response. “I am an older female of European descent and I don’t like the sign. I very much doubt a little girl would running around saying this kind of thing to other kids,” one person responded.

“So it is not realistic and horribly drawn. If a sign is really necessary it should be one that reminds everyone to use the toilet before going in the pool.”

Another said, “It’s funny at first glance. But then you realise the racial profiling. And it’s not funny anymore.

But others disagreed. “If it stops kids crapping in the pool it’s a good thing,” said one.

“Why is this culturally insensitive? Are people that precious? If it was the other way round I don’t think a single ‘white’ person would be offended. Stop being so bloody precious,” said another.

Auckland Council general manager of parks sports and recreation, Mace Ward, said he would be removing the signs and re-examining the whole campaign.

“The characters Hemi and Molly are used across Auckland Council’s marketing materials and were designed to appeal to young Aucklanders,” he told The New Zealand Herald.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness is evil !

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness is a form of liberal stupidity and proof that liberals are idiots

Anonymous said...

You didn't include the part of the story where another sign in this same campaign says the white girl shit in the pool.
No-one seemed upset about that!