Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Starbucks apologizes for using Chinese name for Asian American veteran

Starbucks has apologized after a California barista allegedly used a racist name for an order by an Asian-American veteran.

Johncarl Festejo, a recently retired Filipino-American Air Force veteran, was visiting the coffee chain in Vacaville with his 12-year-old daughter, Milan, before he took her to school Monday, KCRA3 reported.

Festejo said he ordered a hot chocolate, chocolate Frappuccino and banana nut bread. When the barista asked for his name, he said “John.”

However, when his order was called out, John said it was something much different.

"A few minutes later, I was just waiting in that area, and next thing I know, I hear, 'Is there a Chang here? Is there a Chang? We got a hot cocoa,'" he recalled to KCRA3. "I figured, no big deal. It was probably someone else."

"Then, I hear again, 'Banana nut bread for Chang.' I'm like, OK, probably the same order. Then, followed by that was the chocolate frap," Festejo continued.

Festejo said in addition to him telling the barista his name was John, he also paid for his order with an app on his phone, which has his name “Johncarl” displayed. Festejo went up to the counter and confronted the employee.

"I said, 'Ma’am, is this my order? Because my name is not Chang.' She responded that could it have been my name on the app," he said. "So, I double checked my Starbucks app. It says my name. I just asked, 'Is this some kind of joke? For real? Like, come on now.'"

Festejo said he saw the employee snicker when questioned, but did not push the matter right then because he had to get his daughter to school.

After he dropped off Milan, he said he called the Starbucks corporate office to report the incident.

Festejo received an apology from corporate, as well as an apology from the district manager, KCRA3 reported, but the veteran was still bothered by the encounter.

Starbucks said in a statement to Fox News that they have launched an investigation.

The employee has been removed from the schedule while the investigation is being conducted.



Anonymous said...

I have never been to a Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, that employee should be severely reprimanded or fired for the "joke". It's simply not good business to make fun of your customers.

Bill R. said...

I'll bet the bigoted employee votes democrat, too!