Friday, January 18, 2019

Gillette ad: Newtown firemen forced to douse signs of being proud men

A Sydney fire station has been forced to apologise for a sign defending their masculinity, after social media users accused it of pushing “personal and political agendas”.

The inner-city Newtown Fire Station posted a public sign outside its base that read “House fires are toxic, our masculinity isn’t” in response to Gillette’s ad calling out toxic masculinity.

In a Facebook post apologising for the sign, Newtown Fire Station said: “Masculinity comes in different forms. Different for everyone. We are constantly redefining what it means to be a man. We strive to be proud men.

“To achieve this, we try and spread the message about helping others. This may be achieved in many ways. Being inclusive, standing up for minorities or those less fortunate, we stand against bullying and unfair labels.

“The sign was for those concerned there is way too much toxic out there. To show there are groups that fight it … Every man needs to be in touch with their feminine side, every woman needs to be in touch with their masculine side.”

While some social media users were dismayed with the sign, others were more upset about the fire station being forced to take it down.

“Why did you give in, Newtown Fire Station? You should’ve kept it up! The ones who complained about your signs are the very kind of folk who laughed at those who complained at that dumb Gillette ad. Pushing your agenda? Er, so Gillette isn’t? Pfft!” one commenter said in response to the fire station’s apology.



Stan B said...

Damn those risk taking men willing to engage in physically challenging jobs that keep me safe..?!?

ScienceABC123 said...

If the Firefighters had refused to take their signage down, what would've those who didn't like it do? Call out other strong masculine men to force them???

Bill R. said...

In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, those guys have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Gillette is the one who got political with their ridiculous ad.

Anonymous said...

The very same people who keep claiming that men should not be upset with the Gillette ad because it only deals with 'toxic' masculinity cannot accept that this sign only deals with positive masculinity.
If firefighters are not an example of positive masculinity, nothing is.

Anonymous said...

Put the effing sign back up and leave it there.... anyone offended can put out their own fires.