Friday, January 25, 2019

CA State Senator Enforces Gender Neutrality, Bans Committee Use of ‘He’ and ‘She’

If you’re a legislator on California’s Senate Judiciary Committee, you can no longer use the personal pronouns used to refer to members of the male and female genders. At all. Instead, thanks to the chair of the committee, all members will be referred to as a faceless, grey “they.”

According to the Daily Wire, California Senate Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, a Santa Barbara Democrat, announced the change during the first session of committee on Thursday.

“Our first order of business is to approve the committee rules. I’d like to note — in respecting the fact that we are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender — he and she, we are now merging them so we are using what my grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over: we are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so it’s a gender neutral designation: ‘they,’” Jackson announced.

“Basically, that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”

“In the spirit of gender neutrality for the rules of this committee, we now designate the chair as ‘they,’” she added. “The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won’t be hearing from her.”

She continued on until laughter from the room forced her to correct herself: “From them! From they!”.



Anonymous said...

What an idiot; becoming typical for California.
Why should normal people be forced to accommodate those with twisted minds?

Menoichius said...

Seems perfect for a group on NPCs.

Stan B said...

When mental health issues are normalized - no sane person is safe.

ScienceABC123 said...

If progressives/leftists keep saddling speech with their political preferences, it will soon become impossible to talk to each other.

Anonymous said...


And there you have it. When people communicate they spread their ideas and become friends but the wannabe tyrants would rather have their subjects isolated and afraid of each other depending entirely on the government.

Dean said...

The sheer idiocy of referring to an individual using a collective pronoun makes my head spin. Buy maybe that really is what progressives are after - total confusion and inability to communicate with precision.

Anonymous said...

What is the penalty for someone who uses normally accepted language in committee?
Surely it is obvious that compelling a type of speech is a breach of the First Amendment?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:03,

What is the penalty for someone who uses normally accepted language in committee?

The Chair could cut you off, and if you persisted, take a vote to censure you, and depending on what the Committee rules are, penalize you in a variety of ways.

Surely it is obvious that compelling a type of speech is a breach of the First Amendment?

Committees have the right to set their own rules. Those rules would apply in many cases to the functioning of the meeting (agenda setting, time limits, etc,) but also can apply to the speech of the members.

The rules would not apply to citizens or witnesses appearing before the committee.

For example, a town I used to live in had a rule that members of the City Council could not comment upon or criticize police during meetings. During a meeting where a citizen tried to complain, they were cut off and told to sit down.

A quick letter to the City followed by a request by an attorney resulted in a judge ruling that the City could limit the speech of Council members, but not citizens.