Wednesday, January 02, 2019

CNN Wants Trump To Stop Saying “Witch Hunt” Because It Offends Witches

With Democrats ready to take control of the House and get about the business of impeaching President Trump, CNN continues to carry water for special counsel Robert Mueller.

It is being anticipated that Mueller is just about ready to dump his voluminous report of taxpayer-funded opposition research right in Nancy Pelosi’s lap and the drooling Trump haters at the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” are busily putting out the propaganda to provide cover to the deep state dirty cop.

One very important detail has to be concealed and that is that Mueller’s sweeping fishing expedition that began with Russian collusion, took a detour into the lurid affairs of pornographic movie “actress’ Stormy Daniels and has even stooped to using “nude selfies” as evidence cannot be described as a “witch hunt” which is the term that is preferred by the target and has been a regular feature of his weaponized Twitter feed.

So what is CNN brewing in their evil cauldrons now?

How about a segment where they trotted out women who are allegedly real witches to claim that Trump’s use of the term is derogatory and offensive.

It’s a recurrent theme in the leftist media including the Daily Beast which recently published the article “Witches to Trump: Stop Calling the Mueller Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’”:

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.
You just can’t make stuff like this up.



Anonymous said...

Some Democrat females are definitely "witches".

Anonymous said...

There are no "real witches" which is why "witch hunt" is completely appropriate.

Once again the left is trying to change the language.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hilary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters hop on their brooms and fly off to the next democratic fund raiser and they all drop by CNN for a visit

Anonymous said...

"1984". Newspeak.