Monday, January 14, 2019

Hardware store's awkward ‘f**k it’ sign

STAFF at a Bunnings Warehouse store in north Brisbane, have learnt an important lesson after an innocent handwriting error — which looked like 'f**k it’ had been written on a sign — went viral online.

The Bunnings’ handwritten sign promoting a range of $3.99 LED light switches attracted more attention than they bargained for on Friday.

The phrase ‘FLICK IT’ appeared innocent enough until store-goer Adrian ChanChan spotted the accidental combination of two letters, producing a markedly different meaning.

The sign proudly announcing ‘F*** IT’ and sent social media into stitches.

Commenter Chris Fenwick asked “Do they also sell f*** it sausages at Bunnings?”

“Even when read as ‘flick it’ my mind still heads straight for the gutter,” commented Astrid Freebird.

Bunnings QLD North Operations Manager Kent Payne said: ‘Given the nature of our hand written signs, it is unfortunate that this Flick It switch label was misinterpreted. Once we were alerted, we removed it immediately and it was rewritten in clearer text’.


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Anonymous said...

Pretty careless handwriting !